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About CNCure

CNCure Biotech is a biotech company

aiming at people’s well-being by focusing on deep integrated expertise in drug development and imaging technology to discover and provide a state-of-the-art immuno-theranostic platform.

CNCure Biotech: Revolutionizing Health with Cutting-Edge Biotech Mastery

Welcome to CNCure Biotech, where well-being meets innovation in the realm of biotechnology.
We're not just a company; we're architects of a healthier future. Dive into our world of groundbreaking discoveries that redefine the possibilities of treatment and diagnostics.

🔬 Microbial Magic: Unleashing the Power of MCT

Witness the future of cancer treatment with our Microbial-based cancer therapy  (MCT).
SAMTM and Microbiome-based platforms precisely target tumors, igniting robust anticancer immunity.
It's not just therapy; it's a breakthrough.

💡 AICureX: Where AI Accelerates Discovery

Say hello to AICureX, our AI-based drug screening virtuoso.
Predicting protein structures and extracting potential drugs, it is the express lane to revolutionary pharmaceuticals.
Fast-tracking discovery like never before.

👁️‍🗨️ Molecular Marvels: See the Unseen

Our molecular imaging technologies empower clinicians to see beyond, making informed decisions with clarity.
Visualize therapeutic responses, sculpting a tailored approach to health management.

🌟 Expert-Led, Passion-Driven: Meet the Team

Since 2019, CNCure Biotech has been driven by leaders in bacterial engineering and molecular probe development.
Our diverse team shares a common passion for pioneering safe and effective cancer solutions

🚀 Core Competencies: Your Health, Our Expertise

1. Microbial Magic: Innovative cancer therapy

2. Molecular Marvels: Informed decision-making through imaging

3. Radio-Theranostics: Simultaneous diagnosis and treatment

4. AICureX: AI-driven drug candidate screening

Embrace the future of precision medicine with CNCure Biotech. Join us on a journey where every discovery is a step towards a healthier, more vibrant life. Partner your well-being with our commitment—because your health deserves nothing less than the extraordinary.

By inventing and discovering a new paradigm theranostics platform,
we will achieve proactive medicine bringing about healthy life.

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