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About CNCure

CNCure Biotech is a biotech company

aiming at people’s well-being by focusing on deep integrated expertise in drug development and imaging technology to discover and provide a state-of-the-art immuno-theranostic platform.

These will be achieved by our new insight into microbial-based cancer therapeutics and molecular imaging technologies. Microbial-based cancer therapy (MCT) is an unprecedented experimental strategy for the treatment of cancers. Our highly innovative SAMTM platform is the most effective microbial-engaging platform specifically designed to target tumors and safely induce strong anticancer immunity in tumor tissues. Molecular imaging technologies provide clinicians with visual information to assess therapeutic response in the treatment cycle and to help them make informed decisions.

Founded in 2019, CNCure Biotech is led by leading experts in bacterial engineering and molecular probe development.
Our team is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds who are allied with a shared common passion for developing safe and effective treatment and diagnostics for a variety of cancer patients. We have developed and discovered a cancer theranostic platform with our best technology, which is new to the world.

CNCure Biotech has core competencies as follows:

1) Innovative microbial-platform for cancer therapy

2) Molecular imaging spies for making informed decisions

3) Radio-theranostics platform for simultaneous diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Entering a new era of precision medicine, we are committed to providing an advanced science and technology that can diagnose diseases early and treat them most effectively to maintain human health.

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By inventing and discovering a new paradigm theranostics platform,
we will achieve proactive medicine bringing about healthy life.

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