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Microbial-based Theranostics

Cancer theranostics, which combine both diagnostics and therapy in one step, is emerging technology for precision medicine. With gene engineering, we are developing avirulent bacterial strains showing tumor targeting and anticancer activities. Our ultimate goal is the engineering of oncolytic bacteria to improve treatment in cancer patients.

The Platform of Programmable Bacteria & Theranostics

Microbial-based Theranostics


Radio-Theranostics is focused on the development of novel molecular imaging tracers including radiopharmaceuticals and optical dye conjugated small molecules for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
Not only medical radionuclide 18F, 11C, 123I, 131I, and 13N but also emerging radionuclide, such as 68Ga, 64Cu, and 89Zr were used to synthesize PET radiotracers for imaging. Furthermore, we are aimed to develop novel imaging strategies to address un-met needs of the clinic.